The 50,000 Genesis Astro25 Empowerment Certificates (EPC), are being offered to early adoptors

Market Launch: United Kingdom (25kWp - Wireless Solar Virtual Power Plant)
Netzium Allocation: 25,000 - Exclusive to only the Genesis Astro25 EPC
Locking Restrictions: None - Can lockin Netzium towards any project globally
Accessible Value of each Netzium coin: 100kWh of renewable energy x kWh rate

What is so unique about the Genesis Astro25 Empowerment Certificate ? When the United Kingdom market launches officially, see below the SyncZero Algorithm for UK-EPC, which will be obtainable ONLY by U.K. residents

Specific Country Launch: United Kingdom 1st quarter 2024
Netzium Allocation for United Kingdom: 1,800 based on SyncZero algorithm
Locking Restrictions: Can only lockin Netzium towards projects in U.K.
Accessible Value of each Netzium coin: 100kWh of renewable energy x kWh rate

We must act, continue to act, and act together

We have a vision of a healthy planet, a world where people unite with one another,
to battle climate change at the grassroot level. You can make a difference by contributing your animated netzium towards protecting the environment, demonstrating social responsibility, and elevating democratic governance. It should not always be about making money; though this is at the forefront of any financial contribution. So with AEIR you can have the best of both worlds. Earn and share.
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Genesis Astro25 GWSVPP

Genesis Residential Wireless Solar Virtual Power Plant

Reserve your Residential Wireless Solar Power Plant

Embark on your adventure to discover how your Genesis Astro25 Wireless Solar Virtual Power Plant can drive the production of 2,500,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy. You can then leverage this towards a 25-year power purchase agreement, playing a vital role in establishing an Astro Micro-Grid with a capacity of at least 1MW. This advancement propels the United Kingdom closer to its 2050 NetZero goal. As a bonus, you'll secure the exclusive opportunity to qualify to install a residential 25kW wireless solar virtual power plant at a residence of your choice, ensuring energy independence and the potential to eliminate your monthly energy expense for that residence. Join The Movement Now!