Reserve Your Genesis Astro25(UK)

Residential Wireless Solar Virtual Power Plant

Battery Storage

Energy storage system for home use, grid injection, or wireless transmission

Configured for United Kingdom

Produce electricity even on cloudy days with less than 5 hours of sunlight


We have configured a unique 25kWp wireless solar virutal power plant

Electricity expense is fixed

Your monthly electricity expense shall be fixed between 250 - 300 GBP per month

Out of pocket is 500 GBP

There is one-time fixed 500 GBP cost to secure the residential system and energy tokens

Net metering goal is 0 GBP

Astro25 is designed to off-set your monthly electric expense of 250 - 300 GBP to zero

Trade energy and earn

As your Astro25 generates energy, your netzium becomes animated to 100kWh

SyncZero Algorithm Highlight for United Kingdom

The transition to renewable energy for the United Kingdom and energy security has become a double edge sword. You must take action alongside the policy-makers to protect your energy security


Total U.K. power generation that must be converted to renewables


Genesis netzium tokens issued of total finite global supply of 365Bn


Initial 50,000 Astro25 installation contribution to U.K. NetZero target

Genesis Astro25 empowers you to be part of the first 1%

Be among the first 1% worldwide to own netzium and also own one of the initial wireless solar virtual power plants. This is your exclusive opportunity to possess a valuable solar energy system without being a resident of United Kingdom. In the future, Astro25 systems sold in the U.K. will be reserved solely for U.K. residents. In other countries, Astro'XX' (XX KW will change with location) reservations will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis as we enter the market, exclusively to residents.

Lockin your Netzium towards an Astro-MicroGrid

Commercial or Industrial 1MW minimum Wireless Solar Virtual Power Plant

Astro Micro-Grid

Solar energy generation for commercial use, grid injection, or wireless transmission

Astro Wireless Tower

Transmit wireless power to residential roof top antennas, mobile phones, EVs


We custom configure wireless solar micro-grid virutal power plants

Electricity expense is fixed

kWh rate fixed per hour for commercial & industrial site, excess power sold into Grid.

100% Private Public Financed

Collateralized with Netzium locked in by public for 50% ownership.

Net Metering cap 25% per month

Astro Micro-Grid is designed to generate excess power and sold to grid.

Energy trading and distribution

As micro-grid generates energy, your netzium becomes animated to 100kWh

Account Set-up

Set up your account by providing your personal details and the geo-location where to install the wireless solar virtual power plant.

Genesis Astro25

The Genesis Residential Astro25 is our integrated wireless solar virtual power plant for the United Kingdom.


The term “enerconomy” is a newly coined expression used to describe an economic system where energy serves as its currency.

Reserve your Residential Wireless Solar Power Plant

Embark on your adventure to discover how your Genesis Astro25 Wireless Solar Virtual Power Plant can drive the production of 2,500,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy. You can then leverage this towards a 25-year power purchase agreement, playing a vital role in establishing an Astro Micro-Grid with a capacity of at least 1MW. This advancement propels the United Kingdom closer to its 2050 NetZero goal. As a bonus, you'll secure the exclusive opportunity to qualify to install a residential 25kW wireless solar virtual power plant at a residence of your choice, ensuring energy independence and the potential to eliminate your monthly energy expense for that residence. Join The Movement Now!