Holiday Home (UK)

3MWp Commercial WSVPP

5-Star Resort Maldives

3MWp Commercial WSVPP

SuperNova Projects (USA)

Multiple - 1MWp Commercial WSVPP

Remote Village (Italy)

2MWp Industrial WSVPG

World Cup Stadium 2026 (Mexico)

5MWp Industrial WSVPG

Mobile Phone (Cambridge)

200kWhp Mobile Charging Trial

Reserve your Residential Wireless Solar Power Plant

Embark on your adventure to discover how your Genesis Astro25 Wireless Solar Virtual Power Plant can drive the production of 2,500,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy. You can then leverage this towards a 25-year power purchase agreement, playing a vital role in establishing an Astro Micro-Grid with a capacity of at least 1MW. This advancement propels the United Kingdom closer to its 2050 NetZero goal. As a bonus, you'll secure the exclusive opportunity to qualify to install a residential 25kW wireless solar virtual power plant at a residence of your choice, ensuring energy independence and the potential to eliminate your monthly energy expense for that residence. Join The Movement Now!